Welcome to Illuminations Editing!

My name is Lee Ann Bisulca. I’ve been professionally editing and writing since 2004.

For approximately nine years, I held full-time editing positions at a nonprofit organization, where I gained broad experience writing and editing nonfiction articles, brochures, web copy, marketing copy, and books, along with a wide variety of other print and digital publications. During that time I provided editing and copywriting services in volunteer and freelance capacities for several nonprofit organizations, and began to edit fiction.

My editing is informed by the following influences.

Reading has been my favorite activity since I was five years old.

From the Frog and Toad books, I moved on to Roald Dahl, Beverly Cleary, Nate the Great mysteries, the American Girls Collection, and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books. Throughout my elementary and middle school years I devoured picture books, plays, and novels. In high school my literary horizons expanded dramatically as I studied literature textbooks and the Norton anthologies of American and English literature, learning to love poetry and literary criticism. I continue to read widely and most recently was delighted to begin exploring international authors, such as Shusaku Endo and Nuruddin Farah.

I am a musician.

Years of piano lessons and listening (and dancing!) to all sorts of music have trained my ear to rhythm, timbre, and tempo. I use this auditory bent when editing, listening carefully to an author’s style for melody and pacing. I listen also for the ebb and flow of energy in a complete work, whether short story or full-length book. The music of my favorite classical composer, Aaron Copland, exemplifies the achieved balance of sound and silence that I work toward in all my writing and editing.

I love stories!

Whether I’m watching a TV show, listening to a friend describe a workday experience, or reading a novel, I always want to know: what happens next? A good story is satisfying and meaningful, whether it’s encountered in the pages of fiction or in the life of an ordinary person. I believe firmly that an essential part of being human is trying to make sense of and even transcend our experience. Stories enable us to do both.

If you have any questions about my editing, I’m happy to answer them! Contact me here.