What editing services do you provide?

I edit fiction, books and articles, and business communications. If your project doesn’t belong in one of those categories, ask me if I can help. I enjoy challenges and unusual projects!


Standard Rates

  • Proofreading: 1¢ per word
  • Line/copy editing: 2¢ per word
  • Manuscript/document editing: 3¢ per word
  • Other services: $40 per hour

Please note that the above rates do not constitute a quote for your project. I price each project individually. Due to factors such as project complexity and time frame, I sometimes charge more or less than my standard rates or charge a flat rate. Contact me to receive a quote for your project.

What levels of editing are available?


Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors; identify and correct basic problems of structure, order, consistency, and voice.

Line editing / copyediting

This type of editing is more in-depth than proofreading. In addition to correcting mechanical errors, I address sentence structure and flow, paragraphing, organization, content, tone, and style.

Document editing / manuscript editing

This is careful editing of a whole work, ensuring that all parts and elements meet the same standard of excellence and harmonize with each other. It covers content, structure, organization, style, and tone. For nonfiction, I evaluate facts and arguments; for fiction, I assess characters, setting, plot, and dialogue.

What other services do you provide?

I am happy to review your project and offer objective feedback that will enable you to revise effectively. I also provide consultations to help you address challenges in your project and can coach you in developing your writing skills. Other services include copywriting, document formatting, and assistance with websites and social media.

My experience is broad and eclectic—if you’d like to hire me for a service you don’t see listed, just ask! (Here's my contact form.) If I can’t provide a service, I’ll do my best to point you toward someone who can.


How long does editing take?

It depends on the project and the level of editing called for. I will provide an estimated project completion date along with your project quote. Be sure to let me know if you have a deadline or preferred turnaround time, and I will seek to accommodate it.

I think I need an editor . . .

Wondering how to start the process? Contact me and tell me about your project.

I can answer any questions you may have about whether your project is ready for editing, what level of editing it needs, or even if an editor is the right person for the job. I will probably have questions for you as well. We may exchange a few emails or talk by phone before deciding how to proceed.

What is the editing process like?

I carefully read your document through before beginning to mark it up. Typically, I mark up using Microsoft Word’s tracking and comments features. (If needed I can mark up documents in other programs, including Adobe and Google Docs.) When you receive the edited document, you will be able to see the individual corrections and changes that I made.

Editing can be uncomfortable when you see your painstakingly chosen words rearranged, deleted, or flagged for revision. But it can also be empowering and rewarding.

Through collaboration with an editor, you can develop your writing skills and solve communication problems. Good editing does more than polish the style and content of what you communicate; it allows your true voice and message to emerge.

By combining rigorous objectivity with a belief in your writing, I can help you say clearly what you want to say.